Bone Grafting in Mercer Island, WA: Unlocking a Brighter Smile

At Mercer Island Dental, we're committed to bringing you top-notch dental services. Among our wide range of offerings is bone grafting—a procedure that can restore not only the structure of your jaw but also the confidence in your smile. Understanding the significance of this service can enlighten you on its numerous benefits. Let's delve into the intricacies of bone grafting in Mercer Island, WA, and address some of the most commonly asked questions about this treatment.

What is a dental bone graft?

Bone grafting is a specialized surgical procedure designed to counter bone loss around the jaw. Whether the bone loss is due to gum disease, tooth extractions, or other conditions, it can affect the facial appearance, making it look sunken. Bone grafting, performed at Mercer Island Dental under the expert hands of Dr. Goichi Shiotsu and Dr. Ryan Tam, ensures that your jaw retains its structure, preparing it for further treatments like dental implants or fitting of dentures.

How does a bone graft work?

The procedure begins with a comprehensive consultation, where our team determines the type of bone material suitable for you. A sedative is then administered, followed by an incision in the gums. The bone material, combined with a growth factor, ensures that the graft integrates seamlessly with the surrounding bone. This fusion lays the groundwork for further dental work, such as implants or dentures.

Why might I need bone grafting?

The main culprits behind jaw bone loss are conditions like gum disease and the aftermath of tooth extractions. If you're from Mercer Island, Leschi, Mount Baker, Madrona, Enatai, or even Beaux Arts Village, and you're considering dental implants or dentures, bone grafting at Mercer Island Dental can be pivotal in ensuring the success of these procedures.

What are the risks for bone grafting?

Every surgical procedure has its inherent risks. At Mercer Island Dental, we ensure that you're well-informed and prepared. During your consultation with Dr. Shiotsu or Dr. Tam, we'll address all your concerns, ensuring you're comfortable and confident in your decision.

What are the advantages of dental bone grafts?

Bone grafting not only revitalizes your jaw's structural integrity but also sets the stage for other dental procedures. It rejuvenates your facial aesthetics, preps your jaw for implants, and ensures a snug fit for dentures, enhancing your overall dental health and appearance.

What happens after a bone grafting?

After the procedure, our dedicated team at Mercer Island Dental monitors your recovery. Once the bone has fully healed and integrated with the surrounding tissue, we're ready to proceed with dental implants, crowns, or dentures, depending on your unique needs.

How long does it take to recover from a dental bone graft?

The recovery timeline can vary, but rest assured, our team will guide you through the dental bone graft healing stages, ensuring a smooth and efficient recovery. 

Intrigued about how bone grafting can transform your dental health and aesthetics? Call us today at 206-232-3600. Whether you're right here in Mercer Island, WA, or from our neighboring areas like Leschi or Madrona, our team at Mercer Island Dental, led by Dr. Goichi Shiotsu and Dr. Ryan Tam, is eager to assist you on your journey to a brighter smile.

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