Ways To Stretch Your Jaw Muscles To Decrease Chewing And Talking Pain

Ways To Stretch Your Jaw Muscles To Decrease Chewing And Talking Pain

When there is a problem with our jaw muscles, the pain and discomfort can be clearly felt way past the jaws themselves. You will feel pain in other parts of the body such as neck, face, ears, and teeth. Although the intensity might vary, it will still cause you a great deal of discomfort, especially when doing some normal things such as talking and chewing. The pain intensity can be described as tender, severe, achy or throbbing. However, one thing is for sure, any activity that causes you to open your mouth will aggravate it and make it more intense. Therefore, you will find that your jaw muscles will be very tight. To relieve this pain, there are a couple of exercises used to stretch the jaw and give it back its normal range of motion while also eliminating the pain. They include:

Manual Jaw Opening Tasks

When jaw muscles are tight, you find that opening your mouth is very problematic. To counter this, you first need to perform a few smallmouth opening and closing exercises to warm up and gets some blood flowing. Then, once you have done that add some weight on the jaw and repeat the opening and closing exercises. One simple and efficient way to add weight is simply placing a couple of fingers on top of your front bottom teeth and then attempt to close it. You can repeat this procedure up to twelve times.

Jaw Joint Stretch

Since the muscles in the jaw and neck are inter connected, this exercise will help provide some relief for both. Using the tip of your tongue, press the roof of your mouth. This is around the area behind your front teeth. Once the tongue is in place, open your mouth as wide as possible and then close it. In case you feel some discomfort during this exercise, stop and relax for a bit and then repeat.

Using these two simple exercises, you can be sure that the once painful jaw muscles can relax allowing you to do normal things such as chewing and talking without much difficulty. Book an appointment with us today for consultations and better demonstrations.

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