Dangers Of Ill-Fitting Dentures

Dangers Of Ill-Fitting Dentures

When you get dentures for the first time, they come with a perfect fit that ensures they are firmly held in your mouth.

However, over time, the structure of the oral tissues where the dentures are fitted changes, which can cause them to become loose.

Dentures are also prone to wear and tear, which can lead to further fitting issues. The loose fit of the dentures can lead to a number of complications, initially starting with discomfort. However, these can soon develop into more serious complications, which can affect you adversely. Below is a look at some of the dangers that ill-fitting dentures can cause.

Difficulty With Speech Functionality Loose fitting dentures can greatly interfere with your speech. To start with, the loose fit of the dentures will affect how you pronounce some letters, for example the letters 's', 'f', and 'v'. Loose fitting dentures are also likely to move around your mouth – and even fall out – which can present huge problems, not to mention embarrassing you, when you are speaking.

Problems With Biting And Chewing Food Ill-fitting dentures will lie on the wrong parts of your oral tissue, which can cause pain and inflammation. As a result, when biting and chewing food, you are likely to experience a high level of discomfort, not to mention the risk of your gums developing lesions. Loose-fitting dentures can also fall out as you are eating, which can be quite embarrassing.

Irritation From Denture Adhesive When your dentures start becoming loose, you are likely to be tempted to use more adhesive to increase their stability. The problem with this is that adhesives should not be used in large quantities, as it can cause irritation and pain on your gums – due to the presence of zinc.

Having Problems With Your Dentures? Call Us For Help Ill-fitting dentures can cause several complications that can easily become serious over time. Therefore, if your dentures are loose, you should not sit and expect that your mouth will become used to it. Instead, call us immediately to book an appointment.

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