Can You Sleep In Dentures Or Can It Hurt Your Mouth?

Can You Sleep In Dentures Or Can It Hurt Your Mouth?

Dentures can be a lifesaver for people who have suffered from tooth decay or tooth loss. In many cases, dentures may be the only device that can give you back the quality of life you once had before losing teeth.

However, many people know the hassle of dealing with dentures. They require extra maintenance so that they will last a long time.

What To Do With Dentures At Night Most of the hassle with dentures comes at nighttime. First, you must remove the dentures and scrub them with a special brush and toothpaste. Then, you need to put them in a denture solution overnight. Not to mention you will still need to brush your gums after you finish this nightly ritual. Because of all this hassle, we are often asked, “Is it okay to sleep with my dentures in?”

In short, it's okay to sleep with your dentures in occasionally if you take the right steps. We recommend never wearing dentures for more than a full day at a time. If you would like to sleep with your dentures, it is possible if you make sure to take extra care in cleaning them during the day time. To wear your dentures at night, make sure to clean them like you would before you go to bed, but do it before you decide to wear them during the day. This will help stop the bacterial buildup that occurs during the day and give your mouth a break from wearing dentures.

Extended periods of time wearing your dentures can make your mouth sore. So if you plan on wearing them all night long, try to take them out during the day to give your mouth a break. Part of the reason dentures hurt after wearing them for a while is because of the adhesive used to attach them to your gums. The adhesive has the potential to irritate your gums so it may be necessary to give your mouth a break. Give us a call if you have anymore questions.

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