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Why You Need to Manage TMJ Before Getting Dentures
Posted on 9/7/2020 by Dr. Shiotsu
Why You Need to Manage TMJ Before Getting DenturesTMJ, short for temporomandibular joints, are the primary mechanism that fosters the upward, downward and sideways movement of your jaws by connecting them to the skull. The seamless functioning of the TMJ is what allows us to move our jaws, chew our food and even talk.

Disorders Related to TMJ

A highly intricate mechanism that involves bones and muscles, any problem in TMJ could lead to pain while moving the jaw, pain while resting the jaw, dizziness, neck ache, headache and even pain in the ear. There are many causes of TMJ, ranging from injuries, naturally uneven alignments, dislocation from an accident, excessive grinding to certain conditions like arthritis. One of the first symptoms of a TMJ disorder would be a pain in the jaws while chewing. As soon as you notice discomfort and regular pain in your jaws, you should get it checked by our dentists to figure out a treatment, as delaying it will only add to the pain.

Dentures and TMJ

Misaligned jaws that result in uneven bites are a clear clause of TMJ. Once you know that, any future application of dentures will be affected as our dentists will have to consider that. To manage TMJ, our dentists will suggest that you switch to consuming softer eatables and prescribe relaxing exercises for the jaw, adjusting the teeth, aligning teeth on both sides and even using guards. It's critical that we figure out any existing misalignment and the corrective procedures for it before we suggest dentures.

When To Visit Us

If you have pain in your jaws, you need to call us and schedule a visit as early as possible. Once we understand the severity of it, we will be able to suggest a course of action that will address your TMJ concerns, including, if necessary, getting dentures.
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