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How Bites Get Altered When Even One Tooth is Lost?

Posted on 7/7/2020 by Dr. Shiotsu
How Bites Get Altered When Even One Tooth is Lost?It is vital to have a complete set of teeth. When you lose one tooth or multiple teeth in your mouth, this could affect functionality to a great extent. Many people are of the opinion that when they lose a single tooth, they will be able to chew their food comfortably without having to worry about losing functionality or altering the way they chew their food. This is not true because when you lose a tooth, your body automatically becomes conscious about the missing tooth, and when you try to eat food, you will unknowingly change the way you chew when a tooth is missing. This can result in a lot of problems and your tooth functionality will slowly change.

Apart from the fact that a missing tooth will definitely alter the way you chew your food and affect your bite, there are also various other small problems that it could cause thereby making it uncomfortable for you to eat or drink your favorite food items.

Gaps Can Be Dangerous

Big gaps in your teeth also end up becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and this is not something that will help you in any way. When there is a lot of bacteria that grow in your mouth, this tends to lead to an infection. The infection not only spreads across your teeth, but it also causes gum disease. Once an infection gets inside your gums, it becomes very difficult to get rid of and it means that you will have to visit professionals like us multiple times just so that the infection can be treated effectively.

A simple loss of a tooth can cause various problems apart from making it difficult for you to eat your food. Don't let a missing tooth affect your bite. Come visit us to learn how you can replace your missing tooth.

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