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Foods to Avoid When Getting Used to Dentures

Posted on 1/10/2019 by Dr. Shiotsu
Foods to Avoid When Getting Used to DenturesWhether you're missing some or all of your teeth, dentures are an excellent alternative to dental implants and can help restore your smile to its original beauty!

Now that you're ready to start wearing them, there are a few things you should be aware of while you're adjusting to your new dentures.

Learning to Eat With Dentures

When you first begin wearing your dentures, you may notice that your mouth is sore, this is because the muscles in your cheeks and tongue are becoming accustomed to a prosthetic device and they're learning how to cooperate with the dentures. You may also notice an increased saliva flow at first. This will lessen after a few days, but can be a frustration when you're adjusting to wearing dentures.

For the first few days, it's a good idea to stick to softer foods in your diet. Hot cereals, yogurt, mashed potatoes and even soft breads are a good thing to eat. Avoid anything chewy, such as steak or gum as you're learning to eat with dentures.

Hard foods such as nuts, crunchy vegetables or anything that requires a hard bite should be avoided. While high in vitamins and proteins, these foods can cause discomfort and can damage your dentures while you're in this learning process.

Sticky foods should also be avoided, gum, raisins, candies and caramels are not only high in sugar, they can cause your dentures to separate from your gums and that extra motion can cause sores and infection.

Be Patient
Our office is happy to work with you as you learn to eat with your new dentures, and we'd like to remind you to be patient. This process takes a little time, but before you know it, with a little care and mindfulness, you'll be back to eating normal soon! Give us a call today!
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