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How Bruxism Affects Dentures

Posted on 5/15/2018 by Dr. Shiotsu
Dentures Goichi Shiotsu, DDS WA 98040Teeth cleaning (a.k.a. bruxism) doesn't stop when you lose your teeth. In fact, you can develop bruxism after you get dentures.

Unfortunately, this is hard on your dentures since you're clamping your chewing muscles down harder than when you consciously bite your teeth together. This places additional stress on your dentures - making them wear down and break faster.

Bruxism can damage your dentures even if it occurs when you don't have your dentures in. This is because it can place excessive pressure on your gums and bones. When this happens, you can change the shape of your jaw muscles causing your dentures to wear unevenly and start fitting improperly.

How Dentures Contribute to Bruxism

Dentures can also cause bruxism due to a bad bite that creates an imbalance in your jaw bones. When this happens, your jaw will contract forcefully as it attempts to restore balance. Unfortunately, this usually creates an uneven wear that creates even more imbalance. Your lack of teeth may also stress your muscles because they can't relax.

Treating Bruxism with Dentures

Understanding the causes of bruxism is helpful in treating it. One way of doing so is by ""prescribing"" FOY Dentures. These are designed to help balance your jaw system so your dentures will fit better. Another option could be implant dentures. Of course, there are times when your bruxism is a nighttime problem, which is when you'll need us to ""prescribe"" an appliance that will hold your jaw in a more relaxed position.

Implant dentures are also beneficial here. Sometimes your bruxism just can't be corrected though, and, in this case, you'll need reinforced dentures because they're more resistant to wear and breakage. These are all things that we can help you with though. This is why you really shouldn't put off getting dentures. Contact us today.
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