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How Long Does It Take to Adjust to New Dentures?

Posted on 5/30/2017 by Dr. Shiotsu
A complete pair of full dentures.
When we tell you that you need dentures, you may be filled with anxiety or hope, or a combination of the two. The hope is that you will be able to eat more of your favorite foods and that finally you won't have to be embarrassed by your smile.

The anxiety, however, relates to how you will adapt to your dentures. Will you be able to care for them properly? Will they cause speech problems? Will they move around when you talk or will they slip out of your mouth?

Why Does It Take So Long to Adjust to Them?

Dentures are great and most people who get them adjust to them just fine. But it does take a while. Just how long it takes to adjust is entirely up to the individual. There is no hard and fast rule. Each person has trouble with certain aspects of the denture fitting and use; some aspects are more common than others.

If we step through it you may understand why you don't adjust to your dentures and immediately. We can start with the denture itself. Your dentures are heavier than your natural teeth. Remember, they are an appliance that is attached to your gums, not to your jaw. This may cause a feeling of heaviness in your mouth.

Another issue you may have with dentures, is a minor feeling of irritation or soreness. You aren't accustomed to having anything attached to your gums. As you get used to them and they find their place your gums may rebel a little but this will subside and is nothing to worry about. You may also feel awkward eating or speaking.

With practice, this feeling will go away. As for speaking, dentures can cause a change in your pronunciation of certain sounds. Our advice is to note the sounds you have a problem with and practice saying them with your dentures until you get it right.

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